Alternative Spring Break

Urubamba, Peru


Applications for 2017 are now closed.

Community Partners

Nexos Communitarios


No Poverty, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities

*Taken from: The Global Goals For Sustainable Development

Dates of Travel

February 18 - 25, 2017

Number of Participants

17 Student Participants
1 Student Team Leader
2 Faculty/Staff Team Leaders


Participants in the ASB Peru experience will partner with Nexos Comunitarios on a number of community development initiatives.  The experience will take place in complex and impoverished districts in Lima.  The group will be assisting in a school, with youth from the community and will be working on a project dealing with responsible human development and art.  


To increase students' knowledge about sustainable and durable non-profit development projects in Lima and to engage in impact-driven social projects that are transparent and deal with human rights and intercultural competence.


$2,900 CAD

Trip Cost covers:

Medical Precautions

Participants must visit their family doctor or a travel clinic to ensure that their immunizations are up to date, and that there are no health concerns for travel. The cost of medical precautions is not included in ASB fees, and is the responsibility of the participant.

Sample Day

8:00 am:

Wake up

8:30 am:


9:00 am:

Morning service activity

12:00 pm:


1:00 pm:


2:00 pm:

Afternoon service activity

5:00 pm:


6:30 pm:


7:30 pm:

Team Reflection

9:00 pm:

Teambuilders/Cultural Activity


Participants will be staying in a hostel in Lima.


Participants will eat a mix of meals prepared by on-site staff and approved restaurants selected by Nexos Communitarios staff. Food will be locally-inspired, and include a variety of rice, beans, vegetables, and meats.

Other activities may include

City tour of Lima, Peru