Alternative Spring Break


Mandatory Training

Pre-departure Workshops

Length of Training 

Groundwork Meeting

1.5 hours

Foundations for International Mobility and Engagement

5-6 hours

Community Engaged Learning

2 hours

ASB Serves

3-4 hours

Team Time

1-3 hours

 Choose 2 of the following session.
Please note that some sessions may be better suited for a particular ASB experience

 Pre-departure Workshops

Length of Training 

Celebrating Diversity: Using an Anti-Oppression framework

3 hours

Ethical Story Sharing  

1.5 hours

Fair Trade Learning

1.5 hours

Exploration of Global Citizenship - Understanding and Reflecting on self

1.5 hours

Gender Norms & Sexual Violence and Critical & Ethical Global Engagement

2.5 hours

Trip/Topic Specific Options


Community Development

1.5 hours

Technical Skills (Construction Specific)

1.5   hours

Failure to complete this training may result in being removed from the program and/or no verification of the Co-Curricular Record

 Note: Inability to meet any of the above-mentioned expectations may affect your eligibility to participate in the program.